Why DreamFinder Travel?

Relationship-Based Agency

DreamFinder Travel operates on a relationship, not transactional, model. That means that you are assigned an agent based upon your specific situation and requirements, and that agent will take care of all vacation planning activities for you. As the agent gets to know you and your family's needs and preferences over time, he or she will be better able to anticipate the kinds of vacations and activities that will best suit your needs.

All travel planning services at DreamFinder Travel are supervised by Sue Ellen Knebel, who was named by the "Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World©" in five consecutive editions as one of the "best of the best" travel agents specializing in Disney destinations. She also has extensive experience and expertise in a variety of domestic and international luxury travel destinations. Sue Ellen makes sure all DreamFinder agents provide clients with the very best advice and service that can be found.

Extensive Travel Expertise

The agents at DreamFinder Travel have extensive training and personal travel experience in a variety of destinations and vacation providers around the world. They establish and maintain certifications in a variety of travel disciplines, ensuring they have the latest knowledge. As such, you will simply not find better agents to help you plan your vacation than the ones you will work with at DreamFinder Travel. Before working with any client, each agent must demonstrate a deep understanding of the vacation planning experience and must also demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the ins & outs of how to find what the client is looking for at the very best price. Finally, all DreamFinder Travel employees and agents are themselves avid vacation enthusiasts and can offer clients the benefits of their own personal vacation experiences.

Worth Every Penny

All DreamFinder Travel services are provided to clients free-of-charge. Even though you can go online yourself and book reservations directly, there are many nuances that can make big differences in what you end up getting and what you pay. Also, we can handle some of the more tedious and time-consuming aspects of your vacation planning, such as researching and booking dining or excursions. Considering that we bring a world of knowledge and expertise to your planning process at no cost to you, why not let us help you make your vacation truly one to remember?

24/7 Online Access

You can securely access your booking information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through the DreamFinder Travel website. Some of the features available to you include:

  • View a summary of your current and already-traveled bookings
  • View the details of any booking, including pricing, payment status, and the details of what is booked
  • View reservations and other bookings made by your agent on your behalf
  • View all important milestones associated with each booking, including final payment dates, reservation booking dates, etc.
  • View and update payment card information and status
  • View all travelers associated with your profile
  • Request payments can be made with just a couple of clicks and keystrokes
  • Send requests and messages directly to your agent about any of your bookings
  • Initiate requests for new vacation quotes with most of the details pre-filled from your profile
  • ...And numerous other useful features

Track Record of Success and Satisfied Clients

All told, DreamFinder Travel agents have helped clients plan and book thousands of magical vacations, and many of these clients repeatedly come back to us to help them each time they're ready for their next one. Click HERE to find out what some of them have to say about us.

On-Board Credits

DreamFinder Travel offers the most competitive on-board credits available. Click here to view the details of our On-Board Credit Program.

Continuous Monitoring

Once you book your trip with DreamFinder Travel, our focus on your vacation does not end there. DreamFinder's attentive agents and innovative travel management system make sure to keep you up-to-date as your vacation approaches:

  • You can send messages or call if you have any questions or need changes made
  • DreamFinder sends you reminder e-mails when important milestones approach
  • If the vacation provider announces discounts that may save you money, we monitor and pursue those discounts, even after you book your trip
  • If you've put in requests for upgrades or other special needs, we stay on top of those pending requests

Already Booked Your Trip?

If you've already booked your trip, that doesn't mean you can't benefit from our outstanding services. Depending on the booking*, you can sometimes transfer your existing reservation to DreamFinder Travel at no cost or penalty. If you'd like to do this, please send us a message (Transfer Request Message) and we'll do the footwork to find out if your reservation is eligible for transfer.

* As a matter of professional courtesy, DreamFinder Travel can only transfer bookings that are not already held by another agency.