Making Online Payments


We provide you with the ability to securely request payments to be made towards your vacation bookings, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, according to what is convenient for you. This page provides you with important information about online payment requests and how they are handled.

Who am I paying?

Some vacation providers do not allow clients whose bookings are through a travel agency to directly pay money towards their vacation bookings. Instead, they require us, as the agent on your booking, to arrange the payment for you. The online payment part of our website makes that a secure and convenient process for you. When you make an online payment request with us via this website, you are requesting us to handle the payment transaction with your vacation provider using the payment information you provide us. We do NOT charge your card or collect ANY money directly from you. The charge you will see on your credit or debit card statement will be from the vacation provider, not from our agency.

Is this payment request secure?

The online payment request feature of the website uses the same online security technology that all major banks use for ensuring that the payment information you enter is encrypted and securely transported and processed.

Payments Versus Guarantees

In most instances, your submission will be a request your agent to arrange for the payment card you provide to be charged in order to pay an amount against your booking or some other element of your vacation (e.g. insurance, prepaid tickets, etc.). However, there are also times when no payment is required, but where you must provide a payment card in order to hold or secure a reservation (e.g. a car rental, a hotel reservation, etc.). If you are not requesting a payment but instead are providing your payment card as a guarantee, please select the "Provide Card For Guarantee" option in the "Payment Details" section of the payment form to make sure your agent knows your intent.

Paying with Disney Gift Cards?

If you're paying with a number of Disney Gift Cards, you can save yourself time and increase convenience by combining the numerous cards into one before submitting your payment request to us. Up to $1,000 worth of Gift Cards can be combined into a single card. To combine your cards, simply visit the balance transfer page of the Disney Gift Card website for details. Please be advised that your agent can only process a maximum of 20 Gift Card payments per client per business day, so please plan your payments accordingly. Also, always remember to retain your cards until after you travel, in the event that a cancelation or other refund occurs.

Why Consolidate Disney Gift Cards?

When you make payments with Disney Gift Cards, each individual gift card payment is applied separately to your booking. In the event you cancel your booking, or if money needs to be refunded for any other reason, there is no way to specify or predict which individual payment cards Disney will credit with the refunded money. When you consolidate cards before making payments, you are essentially reducing significantly the number of payments and cards you have to manage. If a refund is issued, it is much easier for you to determine where the refund was processed to, given the much smaller number of cards involved.

When are payments made?

The handling of client payment requests is a high priority for your agent. Generally, payment requests received during normal business hours are handled on the same business day received. Payment requests received after business hours, or at times when the vacation provider is unavailable to accept payments, will normally be handled within 24 hours of receipt. If you require any special handling for your payment request, indicate that in the "Additional Information/Instructions" section of your request. Please have your reservation number handy when you pay, as the payment form will validate it for you and immediately let you know if it was found in our system (and if it is, you will see your current balance before you finalize your payment). Also, when payments with valid reservation numbers are received, the system will automatically associate the payment with your booking, and will route it directly to your agent's electronic work queue. This typically expedites the payment handling process, and makes it less prone to problems.

Why do I have to provide address and other information?

The information we ask you to provide on a payment request is based solely on what the vacation provider asks us to provide when we process the payment through them. Other than your e-mail address and phone number (in case we need to contact you in the event of any problems), we do not ask for any information that is not required by the vacation provider in order to process your payment.

What do you do with my information?

In order to successfully process a payment on your behalf, we must obtain certain information from you that is required by the vacation provider. We only use this information to process the specific payment you requested. Under no circumstances do we provide client information to any other party for any other reason, except as required by law.

About paying with a Visa or MasterCard debit card

If you request a payment to be made using a Visa or MasterCard debit card, please note that your bank may have imposed a daily maximum charging limit on your card which may cause your payment to be declined, depending upon the amount of the payment and what you have charged on the day we process your payment. In these cases, your agent may attempt to clear a lower payment amount than what you requested, and will contact you for further instructions. We recommend that you contact your bank to find out about any charging limits they may impose, if any.