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Current Selection Criteria: Show scheduled refurbishments occurring anytime from 4/1/2021 to 4/30/2021 anywhere at Disneyland, EXCLUDING scheduled events that are no longer in effect.

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6 events found at 3 locations:

Disney California Adventure Events

Avengers Campus construction
Starting 3/1/2018 Ending 6/3/2021

Red Car Trolley closed
Exact reopening unknown
Starting 4/1/2019

Disneyland Park Events

Gadget's Go Coaster Closed
Exact reopening date unknown.
Starting 4/20/2020 Ending 4/15/2021

Haunted Mansion Closed
Exact reopening date unknown.
Starting 1/21/2020

King Arthur Carousel Closed
Exact reopening date unknown.
Starting 1/21/2020

Disneyland Hotel Events

General construction
From February 2 through winter 2020, it is possible that you may see and hear construction as there are improvements to the Disneyland Hotel. To minimize any disruptions, activities that may create noise will not start earlier than 9:00 AM. Some Guest rooms will not be available during this time. Exact completion date is unknown.
Starting 2/1/2020