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It all starts with a dream....your dream. Let DreamFinder Travel turn that dream into vacation memories by asking our “Dream Makers” to do the planning work for you. DreamFinder Travel will help save you time and money, all while creating a magical vacation experience that will last you a lifetime!

DreamFinder Travel® services are provided at no cost to you.

  • DreamFinder Travel® is a full-service travel agency
  • We offer very knowledgeable and PERSONALIZED services that help you plan the most memorable vacation
  • You will work with the same personal agent for all of your travel planning, allowing us to learn your preferences and needs
  • For Disney Destinations, all DreamFinder Travel agents are certified College of Disney Knowledge graduates with extensive personal expertise in all things Disney
  • Each agent maintains certifications from a variety of vacation providers, ensuring the highest level of knowledge
  • We are one of Virgin Voyages' Top 100 Travel Advisors, with a vast knowledge of the Virgin Voyages Lady Ships (having sailed on all of their Lady Ships, multiple times).
  • Some of the services we offer include:
    • Monitoring and informing you of key milestones, including payment due dates, early booking/reservation windows, and more
    • Continuously monitoring for, and applying, new promotional offers that may reduce your booking price, even after your booking is secured
    • Itinerary planning assistance
    • Assisting with booking dining reservations and excursions
    • Providing advice and recommendations based upon our extensive travel experiences
    • Planning and coordinating special events (reunions, weddings, anniversaries, etc.)
    • Handling any issues or problems that might arise before or during your vacation
    • Anything else that might help make your vacation more magical and memorable, if at all possible

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Receive Up To $700 Disney Cruise Line Onboard Credit From DreamFinder Travel!

DreamFinder Travel offers the very best onboard credit program for magical getaways on Disney Cruise Line. You can receive up to $700 in onboard credits on your next Disney Cruise, which you can use for gratuities, spa treatments, wine packages, excursions, and more.

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